Week 17 – True to my word?

This is really hard now.  I have been and still am late on submitting my  blog.  It is eating at me big time! I always keep my promises!!  Well I didn’t and it feels bad.

The longer I let it go the worse everything seems to get.  I remember when I started this journey how important it was to keep my promises to myself.  Mark suggested making only small promises to ourselves that we were in control of and to do it.   I did this and felt so great about keeping them all.  It built up so well and then at week 16 I jumped all in and paid for a hosted blog and AWeber.  I was really going to get super duper engaged. Then a strange thing happened.  My old blueprint seemed to move in.  I forgot my new access codes and my life got really busy witty sensitive commitments. My MKMMA work slipped and then  I got more and more frustrated with myself that I wasn’t completing my work.  My promises to myself got lost in the stress of all I had to do. And here I am back in my old pattern of beating myself up because I just haven’t had the energy to do it all.  Excuses, excuses… Running away…

Here it is into week 18 and 2:30 in the morning and again I can’t sleep.  So instead of tossing and turning I went downstairs,  got my computer and persevered through finding the access to my blog.  And here I am spilling my disappointment with myself.  Haanel and Hill ring in my ears. OK so I fell down,  It doesn’t mean I can’t get up.  So here I am getting up. Literally and figuratively. I made a promise to my mastermind group yesterday that I would do one blog to catch up.  And I almost didn’t keep my word.  It wasn’t going to happen.  My spirit would die another little bit if I didn’t get up and Do It Now!   Thank you MMA peeps.  I love you!  Hugs :)

Today I am better.  I completed a blog.  And thankfully I feel I can sleep.  3;15 am.  zzzzzzzz



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6 thoughts on “Week 17 – True to my word?

  1. Janet Andrews

    Congratulations for you! How did you get the MMA Group together is what I want to know? It seems like the obstacles keep mounting the further into the Program we go…my experience. Character building opportunities on steroids?


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