Week 14 Persistence Plus…Right thinking,

Focus, Discipline, Passion, Determination, Good Habits, Love in Our Hearts…

I have always loved the study of the mind and success.  Reading about it has brought clarity but then it is the above qualities in consistent action that is the kicker.  Looking into anyone’s lasting truly successful life story we find all these qualities. They start out thinking right and then go about getting what they think about.  And they ride through the bumps along the way.  Discouragement, being mocked, life circumstances, doubt creeping in are all facts of life.  It is how we deal with them that defines a truly successful person.

October Sky and Cool Runnings were terrific inspiring examples of aspiration beyond reality – A few kids building a rocket and at the creation of a Jamaican Bob Sled team in the Olympics.

A few of the points that were made very clear to me are that each person had a very clear definiteness of purpose and determination to learn whatever it took to get what he dreamed.

They followed through when mocked.  Some took a break from their dream when faced with family circumstances and/or pressure to conform to what Dad or their community thought their reality should be.  It took an Influencer and Encourager to believe in them so they could  revive the mental power and courage to think for themselves and listen to that passionate voice within.  They studied and Practiced Perfectly.  They took each defeat as a learning experience and went the next step. They visualized the end result and always thought their dream was possible.

I loved these movies.  They are really good choices for where we are in our MKMMA hero’s journey.  I am looking forward to Rudy and Door to Door.

Key notes from Haanel’s Master Key Part 14

25. Thought is the only reality; conditions are but the outward manifestations; as the thought changes, all outward or material conditions must change in order to be in harmony with their creator, which is thought.

26. But the thought must be clear cut, steady, fixed, definite, unchangeable; you cannot take one step forward and two steps  backward, neither can you spend twenty or thirty years of your life building up negative conditions as the result of negative thoughts, and then expect to see them all melt away as the result of fifteen or twenty minutes of right thinking.

27. If you enter into the discipline necessary bring about a radical change in your life, you must do so deliberately, after giving the matter careful thought and full consideration, and then you must allow nothing to interfere with your decision…

30.  Your world without will be a reflection of your world within.

“Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”  George Mathew Adams

Harmony and Peace.

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4 thoughts on “Week 14 Persistence Plus…Right thinking,

  1. Jeanne Doucette

    great blog about persistence! the movies really did just validate all we’re learning! thank you. Jeanne

  2. Jason

    They did follow through when they were mocked. Such a hard thing to do but their belief was so high ya know. Great post and I wanna follow through like them too


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