Week 11 The cone exercise hit my funny bone

The cone exercise was so funny for me.  I could draw the box, the circle and then the cone without much effort to begin with.  Albeit the ends were a bit fuzzy and as I changed the colors it became even more unclear.

Then I noticed my thoughts were interfering with my concentration and focus.

“There’s no cone there” “Are you nuts” “What are you thinking-it’s a white wall!”  I started to laugh and laugh hard at what my monkey mind was doing. Then of course everything disappeared and it has been challenging getting it back.  That monkey mind keeps taunting me and I keep laughing out loud at it… maybe I really am nuts :)

Anyway, I enjoyed the awareness and laughter.  Next time will be better and on and off it has been.  However I have never been able to get that initial clarity back.  Meantime I will hold the cone in my sub and it will make me smile.

Too fun!  I love this exercise.

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4 thoughts on “Week 11 The cone exercise hit my funny bone

  1. jpmkmma

    I still haven’t mastered the cone as prescribed. I can envision those cones they have in soundproof rooms and see them growing outwards. Reminded me of Pinocchio”s nose. Now whose nuts?

  2. jennifersmasterkey

    I had the same effect… I had the square, the circle and then poof… They were gone and I could not get them back. I have gad several times when my mind tells me I’m nuts during an exercise… Thanks for sharing your experience Judy.


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