Thank you Og for Scroll VI

I am amazed and shocked at the events of the past couple months.  My Hero’s Journey was well entrenched…I thought.

Then Scroll V.  To go from I am nature’s greatest miracle Yeah!

To… I live this day as if it is my last.

Bam!  Nosedive into recent history.  Every time I read it I got farther away from the beautiful experience I was having in MKMMA .  Back to the  memories of diagnosis, surgery, recovery (trusting), and fea and lots of other stuff I had put behind me. I still don’t want to acknowledge the fear because I know that is totally counterproductive.

i stopped virtually everything that was working so wonderfully in my life – loving my “new” life.  Everything was bopping along very thoughtfully.  And then .. Days went by not doing most of my exercises, doing some reading thankfully and I was faithful to the webinars.  They have really kept my head above water. Old patterns revived themselves and I am upset with myself for letting that happen.  I take responsibility for going there.  I knew it was happening and still I went to the “pit”  not as deep as I have been but nonetheless this strong? mind of mine went down that road.

My mastermind group has been so caring and thoughtful through this time.  Offering kindnesses and I felt cared for and shall I say loved.  When I am in this place I don’t know why anyone would.  So enough of that destructive negative thought  pattern…blah,blah,blah…

i will chock it up to growth.  Learning to be wary of what takes me to that place.  In retrospect I should have stopped reading Scroll V sooner or used the Law of Substitution or Dual Thought with fervor.  I chose to start Scroll VI early and it has been great.  Talk about timely sequencing of the chapters.

I AM master of my emotions

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One thought on “Thank you Og for Scroll VI

  1. Gerhard

    Hi Judy, I can relate to your experiences as I too had some setbacks in similar ways that are affecting me now and I continue to work on it by using the tools we have learned. The old BP does show its head and will in the future as well. We can use the tools we have learned and get us out of it. You already did, because you were already at a point that you had overcome it from other aspects. You can do it again and the more often you do it the easier it gets, until it will give up and yes, persistence got you to succeed again. Thanks for posting, it is helping me too. G


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