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Welcome Judy. I am happy to spend some time with you.

Thank you Mr X And I with you as well.

Tell me, Judy what is your story? What happened to create so much passion in you for what you do?

Well Mr X, I went through some serious issues health wise and through the blessings in that time I realized that I could recover and actually excel. I was always a positive person however the physical challenges over a few years really wore me down. And I was almost at the point of giving in and dealing with the status quo. I was willing to downsize my life so I could survive for the rest of my life without having to make any great effort on the professional front.

Then what happened?

My life has really been full of surprise gifts Mr X. Things just sort of happen. I say that loosely. I have a strong faith and I believe God has a bigger plan for us than we usually are aware of at the time. Ever since I can remember I have had big dreams . They just got lost in life experiences. And the big shift came when I was really struggling and praying for guidance and health. An unexpected call from Lydia Johnson on a totally unrelated matter and the topic of MKMMA was brought up. I have a lot of respect for Lydia so I was interested in what she had to say. The timing was right… perfect actually, and my life started to get momentum then.

And what is MKMMA?

Master Key Master Mind Alliance. Truly a wonderful life changing course created by Mark and Davene J. At the time I was in their pilot project. Free. Exactly the price I needed it to be. I am in awe of how they have perfected it by helping hundreds of people like myself while giving it away and us paying it forward. .
It is a course on how we can train our subconscious mind so that consciously we can move in the direction of our dreams. Incredible. We are so powerful if we just let ourselves believe it.

So let’s talk about what you have created?

I started back into a profession that I loved. Real Estate. I am a people person and helping people lovingly through the process is very fulfilling. It is really quite simple. I believed in my skills and I also knew nobody would look after my clients with more heart and care so I felt valuable and that I was making a wonderful contribution to their lives and also helping them believe more in themselves too. I am so happy to have so many beautiful people in my life. God has blessed me.
After I had achieved so much success I thought I should share the simplicity of how to “do it now” And I wrote a short booklet and created a mini course to help other realtors and salespeople in general. Not a sales technique book but a hearing your heart book and course. A sort of preamble to the MKMMA course which is something I believe anyone should pursue if they want to commit to positive change in their life.
It just took off. I was travelling all over the world giving 2 day seminars which I was paid well for and the real bonus for me was the travel and being in beautiful accommodation and having a built in set of friends to enjoy these new places. The point of taking the training everywhere was to make the world a better place. A place where people feel less in conflict and conflicted. The more love people feel for themselves and others the more kind and peaceful the world becomes. Can you imagine? I am so thrilled to be a part of this change. MKMMA has grown into a movement too. It is one of the biggest change initiators the world has ever seen. People are engaging in their lives happily and I am too.

So the synopsis is… I stopped focusing on what was wrong in my life, i.e. health, finances, singleness … I went back to work and loved what I was doing for myself and others, I wrote a booklet to remind myself of how I got here, others wanted to hear my story and the teachings, I created another business teaching a mini MKMMA for salespeople (supported by Mark J and Davene) and enrolled others into MKMMA. I gave away a lot and I received a lot. I am very grateful for my life and the direction God has taken me. I have been led willingly.

When would you like to begin MKMMA Mr X? :-)

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