Week 10 Mental Diet! DC! :-) :-(

Well, well, well…

Honesty is the best policy-right?  I fell of the rails for a bit.

Life has just gotten out of hand and I am in the process of healing it in.  I need to say NO! I mean really need to say NO.  I have been feeling overwhelm these past couple weeks and have reached the breaking point. I will need to disappoint some people so I can keep healthy.  Since I am a people pleaser this is work.  Does anyone think I need a new mindset right now? :)  I fully admit it.

I was doing so amazingly well the first 8 weeks. ALL my exercises plus were all done and I was feeling on top of the world.  I still am a happy person, however at the moment a very busy person.

I went gusto into creating this life I have planned and have implemented soon many activities to move me forward.  At this point I believe a little less gusto would serve me better.  And I do have an excellent mastermind partner.  He’s doing way better than I am.  Improvement is near.

Loving the course and exercises and reading however… I have not had a chance to review my DC s webinar’s.  Will do that asap.  Hopefully I can stay on board until I get there.

Love and Hugs to all of you.

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10 thoughts on “Week 10 Mental Diet! DC! :-) :-(

  1. jimmymkmma

    Talking about honesty ? Me too, I have also a lot of challenges and sometimes didn’t meet the requirement on DUE date. But I keep pushing. We will persist until we win. Thank you for this post !

  2. judyetmasterkey

    And my mantra… Live and love one moment at a time… Perseverance and Persistence walking thru chaos and looking at disappointments as blessings. If we wait long enough that always becomes clear. ❤️

  3. Jaipreet

    There will always be distractions and right now with the holidays I can definitely relate. You have a great attitude and you will get to your destination. Keep up the hard work!!!! Jaipreet


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