Week 8 Imagination/Conception

Juanita and William saw each other across a football field.  They were destined to meet.  How could it not happen with the energy flying through the air and their friends couldn’t wait to introduce them.

They became quick friends and that grew into a lifetime love.  They were married in 1953.  On a loved filled trip  a sperm cell met an egg cell.  Wow! The transformation inside Juanita’s body, heart and mind were life altering.  And also for William as he contemplated what fatherhood would be like in these short 9 months.

I can’t even explain all the changes I went through my mothers body.  Only God knows and the Drs. but I was born, obviously. :)  I am a manifestation of two people in love creating family.  Isn’t it so cool.

I thought this was an interesting notion using the conception of the battleship in Week 8 reading of.Haanel.

Everything has a cause…way, way back.  This week has made it clear just how powerful even the smallest actions are.  They all lead somewhere. So where do I want my moments to lead me. My intention is to build my life backward in detail from where I am in my dmp to where I am now.  Step by step…inch by inch it is a cinch.  Right!

Another note on manifesting that I am finding more useful than I could have imagined.  It brings clarity yes, but even more valuable to me is the calmness inside.  My tape of I must frantically get it ALL done now is transforming to less multitasking and more focus on the now.  One thing to concentrate and finish at a time. It’s a work in process and progress.

I am still challenged by the Digital Connections part of our program.  I find myself putting the learning off and then off again.  I am in the process of changing my negative thinking around this stuff.  This is my big mental diet hurdle that I am overcoming.

I always keep my promises.

Thank you Mark and Davene for this life changing course. Hugs.

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3 thoughts on “Week 8 Imagination/Conception

  1. masterkeyjohns

    All those circumstances coming together to make you! Judy, that’s a great way to plan your DMP. Keep persevering with the digital connections- you’re not alone and with so many different things going on with MKMMA there will be something that all of us will find a challenge at some point.


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