Week 13 Christmas and Forever

I love my family.  I am blessed with a family that are loving, kind and generous in many ways.  They live  on one coast and I on the other and my commitment is to visit at least once a year.  Expensive and challenging.  I want to see them and be with them and love them. And this year it is a Christmas visit.  First in New Brunswick and then Florida.  Awesome.  My home in Vancouver seems so far away when I am here.

My resolve each visit is to stay on track with my other commitments while away. However I invariably fall off on the rails in doing the things I promised myself I would keep up. You know what I am talking about?…the exercise and eating habits, and the MKMMA routines I really, really enjoy.  I thought I was getting stronger in my habits and persistence.  I am and there is still a lot to be done.  The inner diet is much needed now after being away for 2 weeks.

It is a great awareness to see how quickly the old patterns/ blueprints/self talk seeps in when I am not constantly infusing this new learned wisdom into my subby.

The 50 minute exercise is great.  Although I haven’t made it 50 min.  I am better doing the out loud exercises when I am alone and that hasn’t been happening lately.  Remembering what you said Mark & Davene “If we think of struggle that is what we create”  And I am choosing to live in the ease and flow of joyfully creating my life!

I have finally been able to listen to Week 12 in full and I am just getting to the cards. I can already see the value in having them handy.  It is wonderful to remember all the great things I have done and experienced.  It’s a fantastic reminder of a life well lived. And getting better, more focused and intentional.

Do it now!

I can be what I will to be!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

Ask and you shall receive!   Believe!

I always keep my promises!

Much love to all that read this.  Hugs.

I hope to see you in April :)

My mantra

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16 thoughts on “Week 13 Christmas and Forever

  1. lydjohnson

    Judy, so wonderful to be with family over the Holidays! Good for you to bring along your exercises and readings. Yes you will see me in Kauai! May 2015 be your brightest yet!

  2. jennifersmasterkey

    I planned out my time with my family, so that I knew when I would have some time by myself… I sometimes would even do some of the exercises in the bathroom or my car so I could get so e quiet time. Happy Christmas, happy travels.

    1. judyetmasterkey

      Good for you Jennifer. That’s commitment! I made a few attempts to get alone time but it just didn’t seem appropriate. Possibly an excuse, possibly I just get too distracted. But if I am really honest, I believe I just want to be with my family rather than making a clear path to do my exercises faithfully. Not doing them regularly has had an impact on my psyche I know. In a few more days I will be back to a regular schedule and diligent again.

  3. judyetmasterkey

    Thanks for all the comments. I am back home and getting back to a routine with MKMMA. It is great to be back, although a bit sad. Family is sooo far away and I miss them more and more as we get older. Action plan – to plan another trip home in 6 mos. Motivation to focus on my work now. And MKMMA keeps me in the mindset to “Do It Now!”

  4. Jenny 'Sparkles are Good' West

    Ah, I just posted about some of this–shouldn’t we be living our lives, now that we have all these tools? so, the insidious power of , I can skip this one thing, or the promise of doing it later… we all have it. And all the routine basics get turned on end during the holidays anyway–nothing normal or routine about this time of year. Should we be striving for more up-ended-ness or less? Being with family takes precedence. I, too, am finding the cards of great benefit. It is good to look over your shoulder and see where we have been and remind ourselves of what we have accomplished and un-clench enough to be grateful and change the vibration of everything when we do.

    1. judyetmasterkey

      Interesting comment Jenny… Now we have all these tools, living our lives and skipping just this one thing.. I so relate. This is our Hero’s Journey and journeys often have lots of twists, turns and obstacles that just make us more clear we are going where we want to go. In Gratitude for it all. YES!


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