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I am on the Hero's Journey with MKMMA. It is a voyage into uncharted territory of deep personal growth and awareness, joy and disappointment. A rough road at times but definitely worth the trip. Real Estate agent in North Vancouver, BC, Canada Working on exploring the world.

Week 8 Imagination/Conception

Juanita and William saw each other across a football field.  They were destined to meet.  How could it not happen with the energy flying through the air and their friends couldn’t wait to introduce them.

They became quick friends and that grew into a lifetime love.  They were married in 1953.  On a loved filled trip  a sperm cell met an egg cell.  Wow! The transformation inside Juanita’s body, heart and mind were life altering.  And also for William as he contemplated what fatherhood would be like in these short 9 months.

I can’t even explain all the changes I went through my mothers body.  Only God knows and the Drs. but I was born, obviously. :)  I am a manifestation of two people in love creating family.  Isn’t it so cool.

I thought this was an interesting notion using the conception of the battleship in Week 8 reading of.Haanel.

Everything has a cause…way, way back.  This week has made it clear just how powerful even the smallest actions are.  They all lead somewhere. So where do I want my moments to lead me. My intention is to build my life backward in detail from where I am in my dmp to where I am now.  Step by step…inch by inch it is a cinch.  Right!

Another note on manifesting that I am finding more useful than I could have imagined.  It brings clarity yes, but even more valuable to me is the calmness inside.  My tape of I must frantically get it ALL done now is transforming to less multitasking and more focus on the now.  One thing to concentrate and finish at a time. It’s a work in process and progress.

I am still challenged by the Digital Connections part of our program.  I find myself putting the learning off and then off again.  I am in the process of changing my negative thinking around this stuff.  This is my big mental diet hurdle that I am overcoming.

I always keep my promises.

Thank you Mark and Davene for this life changing course. Hugs.

Week 7 Love is in the air!

I walk a lot and have enjoyed immensely adding this weeks exercise to my routine.  I look at others and purposefully say mentally “I love you, you are loved”. It has an impact without a doubt.  I feel the joy of it and see a change in faces as I smile and say hi with love in my heart. I believe the other person does feel the emotion.  A gift for both of us. And it lasts longer than the instant of the encounter.

The mental diet of not having a critical thought has been really challenging for me,  I am not too happy about my awareness of how many seemingly inconsequential critical thoughts I have. When I think of the impact of mentally thinking I love you has it becomes obvious that the inside critical thought will be felt too.  Hopefully since there is not much emotion around most of them the impact is kept to a minimal as the last thing I want is to add to anyones distress. And converse to that what you give out you get back.  Yikes.  This is changing in me fast!

This weeks GS is beautiful. Thanks Og.  You are loved.



Week 6 Life is on Fast Forward

It is incredible how many life changing things and events that have happened this past week.  My head is spinning with the impact and possibilities that are opening up for me.  I just need to have or rather embrace the courage to do them.

I am going back to the real estate profession with new eyes and awareness and health.  WooHoo.! I never thought I would be here but it feels right so I am.  Life is for living and experiencing and enjoying and if it is not working get out or fix it so it doesn’t result in illness.  Dis…ease.  Do you suppose that is where my cancer came from? STRESS!  My life was out of control on so many fronts and affecting my psyche and obviously my body.  I am so grateful to be on the other side and moving in a direction I can be and am excited about.

The mini MKMMA of sorts is already gelling in my mind.  This is such powerful work.  I am thrilled to be experiencing it. Only time or the compass knows where this will end up.

Concentrating and focus came up a lot for me this week.  I realize how much my mind wanders and how into multi tasking I am. Reading Haanel on this was so funny.  It was where I really noticed it.  That paragraph was a challenge to focus on.  Ironic eh?

I am happy to report I have kept true to my exercise commitment.  I made it fit in instead of saying there is no time.  It is interesting how I can manage this now.  Compass…

Another early morning and busy mind opening day.  I am just on my way out tonight with friends I can chill with and be my authentic self and share the most recent happenings.

I almost forgot my commitment to blog.  But subby was niggling… I guess that’s what happened. :)

The journey continues.

P.S: The coloured box exercise  remains to be completed.  I commit to having them done before Sunday’s class.


Up early again!

This seems to be the new me.  I like it a lot.  I get so much more done in the am. And by 9 am I am already feeling good about myself and my day.  AWESOME!  Now I see why the saying “early to bed, early to rise makes a man/woman healthy, wealthy and wise.  AND… happy.

Press Release done, blog done, emails and connections to 2 influential people done.  It’s 8:44am  WooHoo!

Tally Ho

Week 5 Working through stuff

Progress is being made.  Some of it is not fun.  Dealing with major fatigue when I am on a roll is frustrating to put it mildly.

I am in the flow of so many wonderful changes and I need and want!! subby to get it that the fatigue is gone.  Any tips?  Please send.  I will accept any with huge gratitude and a big cyber hug.

I believe I have found my direction for work.  It is pretty exciting and a bit shocking.  When I left the real estate profession as a result of a car accident I didn’t see myself returning.  The stress at the end was too much.  I took on everyone’s stuff and tried so hard to make it all great for everyone else. In the meantime, I had all my issues with regards to pain to deal with.  Not a great time.  However, after much meditation and all of Haneels input into my brain I see it in a whole different light.  And I am excited about how I can be different and better in it.

I am subscribe to Mike Dooley’s The Universe and this is the latest post.  He has a fun way of expressing truths.   This is how my world is these days.  Mind blowing :-)

“Judy, do you know what happens in time and space just before something really incredible happens? Something mind-blowing? Just before a really HUGE dream comes true?

Do you?

Absolutely nothing.

At least not in the physical world.

So if, perchance, it appears that absolutely nothing is happening in your life right now… consider it a sign.

All the best,
The Universe”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now back to writing the Press Release….  “I can be what I will to be.” ” Do it now!” “I give and I receive gratefully.  I am in the flow”   YES

Week 4 The new me?

This time I didn’t hold back.  The 4th revision of my dmp is feeling a lot better.  Almost real however I know it needs a bit more tweaking.

“I always keep my promises” is very powerful.  I am excited to check my services off and write in capital letters beside it I  DID IT.  Something so simple works so well.  Also some things in my dmp have started to materialize.  No more procrastination and waiting till I feel like it.  Just do it now!

It’s been a long week of soul searching.  Invigorating, empowering and also tiring at times. This is important stuff and I am so grateful to be in this group of amazing souls with incredible leaders/teachers.  Thanks Mark and Davene and the entire staff.

See you Sunday.

God Bless

Health site

I have been listening to this 11 video series titled The Truth about Cancer but it is on way more than that.  Incredibly enlightening if you are interested in healing.This is episode 4 and is only up till tonight.  Then #5 is up.   Highly recommended.

Week 3 Health & the Psyche

As I travel through life in my search for answers to the many health issues that have affected me over the years and most recently my short, thankfully, experience with Cancer I have learned a most important lesson.

Most, if not all,  of our health issues can be changed from inside our mind- our thoughts-  and by listening and taking loving care of our body.

The MKMMA experience has opened my mind again to something I was a huge advocate and total believer of in my younger years.  My but the curves life has sent  threw a “monkey wrench” into the mix.  I am so happy to be back on the trail again and not giving up and settling with what is.

It is interesting where my dmp has turned.  I thought my PPN’s were Legacy and Spiritual Growth – both important to me – however there was not much in the body of my dmp to suggest it was the most important.  Thank you coach Berta!  What was clear reading her observations is that Liberty and Health were the top ones.  I resonate with those.  I feel them.

Now onward with what do I really want my life to look like…  I feel I am still not very clear on what work I will do and am “trying” :-( to not get too frustrated with my progress thus far.  My dmp has been sent in and it is quite different from where I started however… the big but… is it still doesn’t FEEL right. Meditating has brought new thought and a short lived feeling that this is it.  I desperately want to get excited about something.  Passion is life.  I want to live my life from that point and not just temporarily.  Sometimes I share my ideas with such excitement and then what happens.  I think I go into research mode and see all the reasons why it won’t work or I am not strong enough or I don’t have the energy or experience. I lose momentum and then it’s on with the next idea.  Do any of you know what this feels like?  Still suck… Subby stop that thinking!! move on!!

Thinking positive….


Working through the reading and MKMMA exercises is work!  No kidding!  Good work that takes a lot of time and soul searching.  I think my true self has been squished and hiding so long it doesn’t know how to get out.  Yeah I know… Let subby do the work.  Subby please help :-)


Week 2 MKMMA Subby comments

I am anticipating the butterflies will “fly in formation” in week 3,4,5 It’s a huge endeavour to deal with all the stuff that flies around the subby. A true realization of the thoughts I really want/need to refine. I remember younger years when I was soooo positive. No fear. I just did it! Since I had a car accident and Cancer my thoughts have gradually gone downhill. I consciously knew better but the oh poor me scenario just hung on. My career crashed ’cause I couldn’t drive and then Cancer really woke me up. I have lots to be grateful for and through the experience I am a happier person. Strange eh? I am healthy now. WooHoo!!

Week 1 To be better!

What a week.  So many varied emotions and dealing with the fear of actually getting on with really making my life what I have tried- operative word- to make it so many times. It’s crazy how many things, events, interruptions, have tos have gotten in my way.  There is this butterfly, anxious feeling in my throat right now??  I am not one to write about these things so I feel I am really putting myself out there.  I feel that this is it!  I either get off the procrastination, excuse roller coaster now or… What? I don’t know.  The 15 minutes of not moving has been challenging.  I have meditated before lots but never with not being able to move at all.  Ok I managed it twice only.  It’s a process. Actually “getting” rather “making” the time to do my DMP was extremely difficult.  What a wonderful  feeling to actually do it.  I have more excuses/reasons than anyone wants to hear, including me.  I now recognize this is a pattern of mine to wait till the pressure is really, really on to get things done.  Then I am more efficient than anyone and I think I do the best job then.  My mind seems to click in and I can “connect the dots” better.  To much thinking puts me in a quagmire and I end up procrastinating because I can’t make up my mind what to do first!  Deadlines force decisions.  A good thing.  I am praying I can be better, more organized and disciplined and able to work through my fatigue and health issues.  I believe we create the lives we have and I often wonder where this health stuff comes from.  I am grateful to be Cancer free and to soon be free of CFS… I feel I have a lot to give as I know everyone in this group does.  “I always keep my promises” -my mantra!  Love and Hugs to all.